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International conference on polymer material selection, qualification and use in oilfield and gas engineering applications

7-8 November 2017, Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London

Organised by Applied Market Information Ltd. (AMI)


AMI’s international Oil & Gas Non-Metallics 2017 conference will take place in London at the Radisson Blu Portman Hotel from 7-8 November 2017. This high level technical and networking event will feature a full two-day programme of expert presentations. It also includes a Cocktail Reception at the end of the first day to enable informal discussion and contact development.

Oil & Gas Non-Metallics 2017 will address industry demand for minimising risk in oil and gas operations, which is a key driver in the development and qualification of new non-metallic materials and components. Speakers will explore the full range of oilfield engineering non-metallic materials, including polymer composites, thermoset resins, thermoplastics and elastomers, as well as ceramics and high performance glass. Key focus areas will include material solutions for challenging drilling environments with high levels of sour gas, ultra deep water off-shore production, high pressure and temperature operation (HPHT), and exposure to ice and abrasive conditions. Non-conventional gas and oil recovery will also be included, such as fracking where composite plugs are under development.
Oil & Gas Non-Metallics 2017 will provide a vital technical learning and networking forum for oil and gas operators, engineers, contractors and material and equipment suppliers, allowing informed discussion and debate on the use of non-metallic materials in critical applications.

Attending, Exhibiting and Sponsoring

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Email: Tel: +44 117 314 8111