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The international conference on the testing, characterization and analysis of polymer materials and products

19-20 September 2017, Pittsburgh Marriott City Center, Pittsburgh, PA

Organized by Applied Market Information LLC (AMI)


AMI's first Polymer Testing & Analysis in the US takes place on September 19-20 at the Marriott Pittsburgh City Center in Pittsburgh, PA.

The conference offers the opportunity to discover and debate the latest innovations in polymer testing, characterization and analysis.  Polymer testing and analysis underpin all stages of successful plastics processing. As the market demands new plastics products that are smaller, smarter, stronger and safer, so the challenges for materials suppliers, designers and specifiers increase. It is essential to understand how a material or compound will behave during processing and how a product will respond to its user and environment. How will a change in compound formulation affect the mechanical properties of an end product? How will exposure to extreme weather conditions influence the durability of a photovoltaic panel? How will cables or electrical housings behave in a fire?

Key plastics markets place particular demands on plastics performance, from degradability of a single-use packaging product to long-term stability of construction products. End-use markets ranging from medical products to civil infrastructure all require compliance with complex and evolving standards. How are extractables and leachables assessed from a complex pharmaceutical package? What are the latest regulations governing food-contact plastics? Can accelerated oven ageing emulate the conditions experienced over a product’s lifetime? What is the role of non-destructive testing in preventing product failure?

Plastics processors need to understand the needs of their customers and also rely upon testing of raw materials and products for quality assurance. Plastics materials and products continue to evolve, processing problems can be costly and product failures potentially catastrophic. Polymer testing equipment and techniques are advancing to meet these challenges within a complex regulatory environment and this new event will provide a unique forum in which to explore these issues and discuss the latest solutions.

In addition to a busy two-day program of presentations from leading players in the market, Polymer Testing & Analysis will offer high-level networking for professionals from throughout the plastics supply chain.

For further information on Polymer Testing & Analysis, please contact: Ms. Kelly ​DeFino, Sr. Conference Coordinator, Tel: +1 610 478 0800, Fax: +1 610 478 0900.

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